Yes we are open!

Yes we are open!

We can arrange tours for up to 10 people with all precautionary measures

Yes, we are open!

Well, this has been an  unprecedented situation, especially for a city like Milan …which really never stops! But we are back, and, with  all precautionary measures, we are ready to welcome you back to our city!

We can arrange tours for up to 10 people, or as we normally do, for even smaller groups,  families and single travelers.

If you have already planned to be in Milan and wish to visit, just write us an email. If you are simply curious about the city, we invite you to discover Milan by taking a look at the pages of our site.
Also, write us if you wish more information. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

We are ready to start again and offer you your best Milanese experience ever.

Take care and see you soon!