Milan fashion capital

Milan fashion capital

The ‘quadrilatero della moda’

Yes, it’s true: traveling is the best way to spend money. But not having any intention to buy clothes in the ‘city of fashion’ is not an excuse to miss a walk through its fascinating fashion district!
Just a small area on the map, it gathers the highest concentration of luxury, style and elegance. Via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via S. Andrea and via Manzoni, that’s  the heart of Milan Fashion Capital.

Milan fashion capital… and more

If you really need some more serious reasons to go have a look, well, just think of how much history hides behind the sparkles in the windows. It was in the rooms of its elegant buildings that intellectuals, bourgeois and nobles, conspired together to unify Italy during the nineteenth century independence war. And more than this… the ruins of the ancient Roman city lie underneath the sophisticated boutiques as the layout of today’s via Montenapoleone is that of the roman walls during the III Century. The bricks and stones of the walls are still visible in some of the basements of the most charming boutiques.

Shopping and Museums

And if it takes a museum to make you happy… housed in a beautiful 18th century residence along via S. Andrea, Palazzo Morando-Museo di Milano  is a fascinating ‘picture book’ offering a journey through the city of the past. Located at the heart of the fashion district it includes a collection of costumes and accessories from the 18th to the 20th century, displayed in its elegant rooms along with the original decorations and furnishings.
What else?

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