Art Nouveau Milan tour

Art Nouveau Milan tour

Art Nouveau Milan, a Fin de siècle journey

You wish to go off the beaten paths? Well, here it is, find our advices for an itinerary especially crafted for Art Nouveau maniacs like us!

Art Nouveau in Milan

Little is generally mentioned about Art Nouveau architecture in Milan, on the contrary, surprising buildings happen to confirm its presence in the city. Starting from the area of Porta Venezia, an intriguing itinerary twists and turns throughout the city centre intersecting the most amazing, elegant and sometimes bizarre architectures, including urban villas, apartment buildings, former department stores, and even an Art Nouveau church. Iron, ceramic cladding, mosaics, stained glasses and a taste for nostalgic historicist elements define the Milanese Art Nouveau, that we call ‘Liberty’.

Have you ever heard about the ‘Silence district’?

Definitely less popular then the Fashion district, but only a stone’s throw away from it, the best of Art Nouveau lies in a quiet, elegant neighborhood somebody likes to call ‘Silence district’. It is here that we will guide you discovering the overwhelming Casa Berri Meregalli, elegant Casa Tensi, extravagant Casa Campanini… and we won’t forget to let you have a look at the flamingos (real ones!) wandering beyond the gates of Villa Invernizzi.

A touch of Déco…

The ‘Silence district’ not only gathers most of  the best Art Nouveau architecture in Milan, but also the elegant Villa Necchi Campiglio, an untouched urban villa from the Thirties. Designed for a wealthy Milanese family by architect Piero Portaluppi, this Villa and its garden, the first ever in Milan to have a swimming pool, is available for visits and ideal to conclude the tour.  Just write us to book your tour and personalise it as you want.

Make your Art Nouveau private tour

Discovering Milanese Art Nouveau can be a pleasant outdoor walk but, as the beauty of Milan is often hidden behind doors and gateways, we will arrange the access to some interiors of the delightful Art Nouveau homes that make part of it.

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