Bernina Express day trip

Bernina Express day trip

Bernina Express

Bernina Express day trip is a lifetime experience. It surely requires a certain planning, but moving back and forth from flat cosmopolitan Milan to pristine Skt. Moritz is not only possible, but also amazing.

A train that goes uphill!

“The journey, not the destination matters…” once wrote T.S. Eliot. Was he thinking about Bernina Express?!
Practically made for the purpose of sightseeing, Bernina Express makes high-speed trains look boring! A real masterpiece of engineering, it goes uphill and, as well as not as fast, it is surely much more fun. The large windows of the panoramic coaches especially designed by Pininfarina allow a mesmerizing view while the train runs up across a UNESCO world heritage site and connects Italy to Switzerland.

The route

Bernina Express leaves from Tirano and reaches Skt. Moritz (or vice versa) in about 3 hours. The route, punctuated by spiral loops, tunnels and 196 bridges, is a breathtaking journey that winds through all sort of amazing landscapes. Swiss Alps, glaciers, lakes and forests are all around. Verdant or covered in snow, it is worth 12 months a year with no exception!
Tirano and Skt. Moritz are to be part of the experience, both beautiful and worth a visit with our guide, to save you time and multiply your knowledge.

Book your Bernina Express experience

Starting with a car to drive you to the train station in Tirano from your very hotel or stay in Milan, Acànto will arrange every detail of your day trip and provide you with an expert local guide to accompany you. We will make sure you have all the information, the tickets and also some time on your own to stroll along Skt. Moritz before your driver takes you back to Milan.

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