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Acànto Milan walking tours are designed to make the best of your time in Milan and make you fall in love with the city!

We provide guided tours in all languages and ensure the right guide for each itinerary.

Our guides are not just good at foreign languages, they also all have degrees in art, architecture or archaeology and are certified tour guides.

Acànto tours are informative and enjoyable, funny and relaxed… but not simplistic.

If you have planned to be in Milan and wish to visit, just write us an email, we will be happy to arrange your best Milanese tour!

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Milan Private Tours


If you are a group or a family, if you are travelling for business or pleasure, if you have plenty of time or only a few hours to spend in the city, Acànto Milan private tours will help you suggesting how and where to move and make the best possible use of your time.

We are a small company operating in Milan since a good fifteen years, and we are used to working with the Milanese and capture what Milan has to offer them every day.

Check our Italian site to find more about the care we take in designing our itineraries and how diversified our offer is… that’s the exact same thing we would like to offer to you.


Booking your Milan private tour is simple, and you can be involved in the planning as much as you want.
If you know what you want, just send us an email and we will do our utmost to maximise your Milanese experience and satisfy your every expectation.

If you need some help choosing how to move in Milan, here we are…

  • if you are here for the first time, or if you have just a couple of hours to spend sightseeing, a more classic tour, including the highlights of Milan: Sforza Castle, Duomo Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Scala Opera House, might be the ideal start to get in touch with this multifaceted city
  • if you are interested in the history back to its roots, then consider taking an historical tour. The medieval Milan, with the amazing Basilica di Sant’ Ambrogio, or the Renaissance city highlights such as the Church of San Satiro or San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore could be part of your custom made tour
  • if you love contemporary and wish to really feel the vibe of today’s Milan, go for an architectural tour and explore the newest city districts, such as Porta Nuova or City Life
  • you want to discover Milan’s romantic heart? Then take a walk along the Canals at the Navigli district with our guides

Acànto private tours allow you the total flexibility to create your tour program, accordingly to your individual expectation, timeframe and budget.

Write us an email, we will reply quickly! If you don’t receive a response in less than 48 hours, something has gone wrong, please try again or give us a call or text at +39 339 7807759

About US

Passion for art and the desire to share it are the humus that fuels ACÀNTO.

ACÀNTO has been set up by professionals in the field of culture and communication and directs it’s attention to those who want an active part in the research and discovery of what human creativity has produced through all times and places, those who like to express their individuality by turning the opportunities to meet into a rich and lively cultural exchange.

For this reason ACÀNTO, with the professionalism and expertise that distinguish those who love their work, offers exciting itineraries to discover the works of art and the world from which they originated to the CURIOUS TRAVELERS in search of the unusual. Destinations range from famous to little known sites, already seen or revisited with new eyes, to capture not only the cultural and artistic matters, but also their popular tradition, the anecdote, the detail.

Similarly ACÀNTO offers to COMPANIES AND BUSINESS REALITIES that choose to make their events in line with the flair for beauty and art, its experience in the selection of places and themes and the utmost careful organization.

ACÀNTO comes from a dream: traveling in more than one direction, simultaneously… that’s our invitation!

Emanuela Biscotti

Licenced tour guide in Milan, EMANUELA BISCOTTI has a degree in Contemporary art at the University of Milan as well as a Master’s degree in Education for Cultural Heritage and Museum Communication.
After almost 10 years of collaboration with Incentive Houses and Press Offices, she now concentrates her energies in the organization of cultural events, exhibitions, and corporate services related to art, while she loves to develop ‘off the beaten path’ itineraries and to guide her tours at every opportunity.


With a degree in Archaeology, CARLOTTA COLLARIN is the co-author of the book Milano passo a passo, published by Hoepli in 2015 and a Cultore della materia (Subject Expert) in Classical Archaeology at the University of Verona as well as Exam Committee Member for Art History at Provincia di Milano.
Curious about every artistic expression, from literature to music, she obtained her tour guide licence and has held it for more than 10 years now; while running the company, she develops ‘made to measure’ tours and accompanies groups with the same enthusiasm and care as if it were her  first day.

Sala delle Asse at the Sforza Castle, detail


The Sforza Castle in Milan appears enormous to those approaching it. Imposing and severe, yet friendly in its own way. It is now some 650

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